Real Estate Law

Jalilvand Law Corporation has the ability to coordinate every aspect of a real estate deal, providing its clients with fast and effective representation to protect their interests and property.

The attorneys at Jalilvand Law Corporation have successfully represented landlords, tenants, as well as homeowners in various areas of Real Estate Law and transactions.

Wrongful Foreclosure

With the economy being in the state that it’s in, many homeowners have struggled to keep up with their mortgage loans. Jalilvand Law Corporation has been successful in modifying loans on behalf of the homeowners, sometimes even settling the loan in its entirety with the bank through short sale or short pay.

We’ve also been successful in prosecuting wrongful foreclosure cases against lending institutions for irregularities in the foreclosure process, robo-signing and other violations, including any breaches of The California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights.


Jalilvand Law Corporation understands the importance of experienced representation. Our team has handled cases for both landlords and tenants for all kinds of properties, commercial or residential. We’ve also litigated cases involving breaches of contract like unpaid rent, wrongful eviction, warranty of habitability, quiet use and enjoyment involving properties in a state of disrepair due to mold, flooding, infestations, etc.